Issues of the Moment, Setember 1, 2015

We are accepting submissions for the Family Matters Award now through the end of September. The grace period for the August New Writer Award ends 9/7. Make your story submissions here—we look forward to reading your work!

My story being accepted for publication by Glimmer Train still stands as among the most significant moments of my writing life. I'm still so grateful for your support, and it's not an exaggeration to state that receiving your call a few summers ago helped give me the confidence to continue on what was then an uncertain path. Thank you a hundred times over.—Xhenet Aliu, Domesticated Wild Things, out September 2013

Glimmer Train Stories and Writers Ask make wonderful gifts for readers and writers. Glimmer Train is $38/year in the US, and Writers Ask is $22. Your subscriptions are appreciated!

In a recent Best American Short Stories, SIX Glimmer Train pieces are listed as "Notables"—second only to the New Yorker. Two of the six were those authors' first publications ever.

A comprehensive and updated collection of answers to writers' questions is just below. (Notice those red bullets). Our intention is to make it easier for you to find exactly the help you need when you need it. (With our commitment to prompt response times, it's important for us to stay focused on reading, which, admittedly, is our favorite part!)

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We are just two people with tons of great stories to read. (We are eager to read yours!)
If—after reading this page—you do still need help, don't hesitate to email us:

Please scan this list—which covers literally 99% of the questions writers ask us—so we two editors can keep reading! Thank you! :-)

Deadline anxieties!
File Types/Errors/Formatting
Overview of how to make a submission.
Making snail mail submissions.
Unable to log in
What does Glimmer Train mean by "unpublished"?
Story has been accepted elsewhere? Need to withdraw your submission?
Did you get my submission?
Competition or Standard—Things to consider
Is it okay to submit the same piece again?
Problem getting credit card info to work
Trouble making a submission/can't see where to make a submission/how do I do this?
Email address and/or password issues.
Two rejections in one day?
Simultaneous submissions?
How do I upload a file? Can I just copy and paste the story in?
Having trouble making a submission even though you've submitted before?
How do I sign up for bulletins?
When I log in, there is a message that says you've been unable to reach me.
Editors' preferred formatting
About reading fees and competitions
Will I get feedback on my submission?
Unexpected competition-closed message?
How and when will I know if my story has been accepted?
I made my submission, but it didn't ask for a reading fee.
In "My Submissions," my story says "finalist," but it isn't on the top-25 list.
How do I remove old submissions from my account?
Novel excerpts?
Do you accept stories from writers outside the U.S.?
Do you accept translated stories?